Stay at Home Mom and The Internet

April 18, 2013 by vjc  
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The journey and realization of a stay-at-home-mom.

From the moment I wake up and is done with my morning routine, I go straight and use the internet — read emails, check friends’ status and photos updates on Facebook, Instagram and whathaveyous.  Beside me, I see my son playing with his toys – thinking, he’s here beside me, I’m here with him, then it’s ok.  If he gets to be a liitle rowdy, I turn on the TV, knowing that Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney Jr cast will calm him down.  This gives me more time for myself.  During his afternoon playtime, I always make sure that he’s playing in the garage and not outside or on the street.  I make sure he’s always within sight.  To add to that, I make sure he also has snacks and drinks.  He’s playing with his yaya and most often than not, with his cousin that comes over. 

My son is having fun.  My son is enjoying his day.  That’s all that matters. 

Does it?

This morning, my son was playing with his cars, trucks and anything that has wheels.  He discovered that his cars can be put on top of his toy truck and can be played with without the car falling.  I was on facebook, just doing my typical facebook stalking agenda, when he approached me.  He was smiling and happy with his new discovery and was telling me, “Mommy, car is riding the truck”.  I stopped for a moment and looked at him, without even seeing the car and the truck, I said, “wow! good job!” and I gave him a two-thumbs up sign.  He smiled, left, and went back to playing.  But in less than a minute, he brought the car and the truck and showed me again.  This time, I saw the truck and the car.  He repeated, “Mommy, car is riding truck”. 

To be honest, I was half hearted.  I was enjoying my internet time.  I could just easily turn on the TV or give him our tablet or the iphone so he could also play and enjoy what I have been doing.  But at that moment, it struck me. 

Liked it

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