Sorry Letter to Daughter After Custody Dispute

August 14, 2013 by LuckyKhan  
Published in Motherhood

A dad’s apologetic and sincere letter of love to his daughter after losing parental custody.

Dear Mia,

Sorry, but I tried so hard to fight for you, to be with you and to be there for you. But the court thinks otherwise and that we should be apart. Maybe it is in your best interest to be with your mother. Please love her as much as you love me. Respect her as you would respect me. You will grow up in her care now and I know she will take good care of you. You may not realize it now, though she has her own ways of caring for you, she is your mother and she truly loves you. I will try my damn hardest to see you as often as your mom allows me. I will not waste a moment not seeing you every chance I get- whether its a school night or your birthday or any emergency- you may always call me for anything you need. I am always there for you, honey. You mean more than anything in the world to me and I have you in my thoughts always. I love you, my little pancake.


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