Sometimes We Just Need to be a Mom

October 20, 2012 by jfay1995  
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Sometimes we just need to be a mom. Take time out to just be Mom, and enjoy a weekend.

Sometimes we just need to be Mom.  Just to have days where we can take time out of our busy lives to be who we are to our children. 

You know, the woman who cooks, cleans, chauffers, gives time out, makes sure they are dressed, fed, cleaned, doctor, nurse, human napkin, teacher, advice giver, reprimander, hugger, giving love, and all the other things that make us who we are to these little people.

This is what every day is for, but most of all the weekends.

I’m on a long weekend with my kids this week.  My kids had teacher’s conferences and no school for Thurs and Fri.  So, Mom has been minus the laptop for a while. 

And one of my girls has a new friend in the neighborhood, so there has already been a sleepover at their house and many more fun times ahead.

It was funny, when I arrived in the morning, they were sleeping on the floor.  I must have woken them up.  Good one, Mom.  In a little bit, I asked her how a certain book she was reading was.  I ended up hearing the whole plot!

One of the days, I got popping some popcorn.  I was hungry for some and I made a whole batch.  Julia got a good bowl and then we put the big bowl next to Mollyanne and I.  We’re sitting down munching.  Mollyanne is reaching her hand in.  After a little while, Mollyanne looked into the big bowl and yelled, “Where did it all go?”

Let’s just say, Mom got hungry.

Later on, Mom got into a cleaning mode.  Sometimes we just need this.  My kids live in a good sized house and it constantly needs to be cleaned and organized.  My ex’s mother comes in once in a while to help clean and I organize and clean.  This is a good chat day for us. 

Yesterday, I decided to clean their downstairs bathroom closet.  It’s funny what is in there.  Odds and ends, batteries, loose bandaids, little things scattered.  I ended up finding a rubbermaid container and organized a bunch of things in it.  And then I spied the old yard sale curling irons that I had bought and nobody is using them.  Gone!

My girls don’t even do anything to their hair.  They are required to comb it in the morning, but they don’t wear any of their headbands.  It ends up being Mom that grabs one and wears it. 

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  2. Tiki33 Says:

    Moms have the largest roles and we must take on many tasks. I hear you and understand.

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