Sometimes I Just Want to be Angry Too

January 4, 2013 by momofplenty  
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We all need it… a moment to break. A moment to scream. A moment to breathe. As a mom I sometimes feel like I am so busy keeping up with all of their needs… I very often forget to tend to my own… and every now and then… I want to be the angry one.

I am the mom

The glue that binds

The strength that carries on

I am the mom

The shadow bringing socks

Making beds

Washing dishes

I am the mom

Always smiling

Always caring

Always loving

I am the mom



The voice unspoken

But every now and again

I want to be the angry one

I want to shed the tears

I want to share my fears

I want to stomp my feet

Eat cereal in my bed

I want to  lay down my weary head

And every now and again

I want to be the angry one.

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17 Responses to “Sometimes I Just Want to be Angry Too”
  1. afaceristonline Says:

    very interesting post .thanks for share

  2. vickylass Says:

    Well, we’re all entitled to a bit of anger, but if I were you, I’d teach my children to do things in the house so as to make the burden on my back lighter. Good share!

  3. jennifer eiffel dombrowski Says:

    as long as you do not let anger in your heart, then you should be fine. I loved your poem!

  4. realityspeaks Says:

    Loved your thoughts on this one. Everybody has their moments of anger. It makes you feel lighter when all the frustration that lies within finds an outlet.

  5. Lynn Proctor Says:

    Many millions of mothers (and fathers, and caregivers, and dtrs, and sons, etc.) who are responsible for families and loved ones feel exactly the same way you do. Sometimes, when I feel upset and exhausted, I think about all those people who have it infinitely worse than I do related to the same issue, and I am humbled by what some people go through. It helps me find new perspective, when I have lost mine.

  6. Paul Kurt Says:

    Mom what a great feeling to hold as it showes that you are a human and talk about it rather than throw your weight around great poem and so true.

  7. smokychristine Says:

    How very much I identify with your feelings. You expressed them so well. I’ve been reading a book called “Understanding the Human Jesus” where a whole chapter was devoted to the anger Jesus showed when it was proper, but his secret was to express the anger without devastating, then open roads to show the love that is still there. If only most of us could catch on to that type of expression. Seems there would be a lot more understanding of each other. I also find it a lot easier to slip into hurtful anger if I am tired.

  8. observer1 Says:

    Just let it out and you’ll feel better for it! Beautifully written

  9. avissado Says:


  10. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    We all should be able to express ourselves honestly.

  11. Seraphic Quill Says:

    This made me love my mom even more.

  12. Socorro Lawas Says:

    You show the human side of being a mom. I too am a mom and I can relate to this article– well written.

  13. AWritingSighting Says:

    Choosing to have children is a form of self-sacrifice. You love them, but they compete with your money and time. Then your progeny grow up and experience the same pain and dysfunction with their kids. And interminal loop of misery. YES you have a right to be angry occasionally.

  14. Moses Ingram Says:

    How true.

  15. ageeinc Says:

    I liked this one. I don’t think people realize that others around them are people to because there mom or dad, or a bank teller, lol Great write :)

  16. porkey Says:

    A mother’s place at home can be frustrating at times

  17. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    Expressed well….

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