So You’re a Teen Mom? Too Bad, Don’t Live Off The Government

October 17, 2011 by mynameisjessica  
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If you need to live off the government, maybe you should not have a kid.

I know quite a few people who got knocked up and were simply too stupid to avoid it from happening.  Worse off, they were too selfish to do anything about it, despite being a teenager who still lives at home and goes out to house parties and lives for going to the mall.

It’s pretty sickening when people like myself who need government help cannot get it because stupid, insecure girls cannot keep their legs closed.  I have a severe medical condition that is preventing me from working for the rest of the year.  Despite my efforts to get some sort of medical assistance, I’m not making much progress since my conditions are being evaluated with regards to if the person should need this type of assistance.  There are many people, including myself, working to make sure others in my place can get help when out of work

All of this battle goes on, with my health being compromised while my 19 year old neighbor is pregnant with her second child.  She goes out late at night to drink while mommy and daddy (no, not baby daddy) take care of the kid.  She is spending all the money she gets on alcohol, clothes and weed.  None of it goes to her baby, as that’s now her parents’ problem.  She also can go to college for free if she wants, while I had to pay my whole way through while battling my illnesses and up until recently working as well.

How nice it must be to take complete advantage of the system.  It must be so nice to get away with being a moron and getting paid for it while you continue to make more failures for people enter the world.

No wonder things are so down right now, when these children are our future.

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2 Responses to “So You’re a Teen Mom? Too Bad, Don’t Live Off The Government”
  1. fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa Says:

    Your anger is felt, as a person who works in a supermarket, it is quite sickening to watch how many people abuse the system; and as you stated those who need it, suffer by not be able to receive. It angers me to know that so many of us work, put into the system, a get nothing from it. Not that I am ready to receive yet.
    Obviously mom and dad are doing a disservice to these teenager, but I am sure they are not on the ball either.
    Great article.

  2. Gerard Galvestini Says:

    Wow!!! So that’s how “teenage moms” over there deal with their out-of-wedlock child? At least, the child is still alive but she still manages to get away with it. Here in my country, the “teen moms” would just kill off their new-born without any concern, because abortion is illegal here and they just don’t care about the baby at all. Al they think about is just having sex… without any thought of the consequences.

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