So Your Husband is Still a Handsome Dude

January 26, 2010 by josphy  
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Lets stop feeling insecure if the city hotties still stare at the handsome dude we have for a husband especially if we are now mummys. You can still keep him hot for you.Here’s the practicals.

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Now I didn’t get a second degree on how to do this .Many research on written work half of which I can assure you have never been tried by the writers. Keeping your husband is best done by trial and repeating the best outcome.

Marriage is boring business especially for the working mothers. For a mother of 3-5 children?, its a different  `bore’ game. I  am a mother, a working mother in a busy city. My son is a year old and his father?, his father is a handsome man period.

We know handsome when we see, it including all the pretty city ladies. Family don’t help matters when they say hey! he sure looks good, not that you’re ugly,realy. So if don’t know how to keep him , then you can’t.

Of all the trials ,here are those you must repeat-

1.Get help! Help! Help!

House work well can never run dry; your handsome husbands passion can so-get a help that best suits you, daycare , nanny, babysitter , a caring relative. When one goes wrong , pray for a better and get  another.

Why? You can’t do it all alone, one must suffer. You must have time for your hubby to be able to keep him.


Add flavour to your monthly shopping list. We ladies keep private savings so no matter how `reserved’ or `religious’ you are, buy 3new panties and 1 different looking bra a month!.Please add a fruity lip gloss (sleek pout polish is good),1 shaving set and don’t forget a `scented’ hair oil. Use them!

Why? Handsome men love beautiful ladies wearing beautiful stuff always ! not once in a while.


Men appreciate what they see. When am walking home my husband  looks at  `me’. If he hates fat shed it. If  you can’t utilize it. tummy fat can never look good shed it, flatten it and harden it. Then walk tall after all  he chose you . Look like a good looking working mummy outdoors but please look like your husband’s ripe ,warm sassy banana at home. Both when he is looking or not.

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