Small Business Ideas for Mums

February 19, 2011 by tanny15  
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There are many women who can not continue their job after having kids. But they always want ot be independent and to contribute something to the their household earning. There are many options are available for the mums who want to work from home.

Although there are too many options available for the mums to work from home and many of these are for those who have internet but those mums who do not have an access to internet, can also earn money by doing business from home.

Work From Home Ideas:

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Paid Surveys.

3. Get paid to click on e-mails

4. Painting

5. Knitting,stitching,Needlework

6. Pet Grooming

7. Childcare

8. Beautician (Even though you are not an expert, if you know eyebrow threading and facial etc.) you can earn money.

9. Gift Basket

10. Freelance writer

11. Tutor /Teaching

12. Teaching Art and Craft

13. Mystery Shopper

14. Testing Products

15. Proofreading

Above mentioned are some of the options available for the mums who want to work from home. Besides that if someone have more time she can also work as baker, host a website etc. So its not the time when it was thought that its not possible for the mothers to manage home and work life together. Technology and advancement has made it easy for the mother to live an independent life.

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    It is a great article . But please include the links for making money through the internet . For example paid surveys ,affliate marketing .

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