Single Mothers are Entitled to Some Grants

October 20, 2010 by rbnstr08  
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The U.S. government offers some grants to single mothers to help them get through their lives. Learn what could be available and what may be required.

Life has so many challenges and one them is being a single mom and not getting any support from anyone.  It becomes more difficult if the single mom who has two or more young children to raise.  If the mom has a job with the children not of school age, she has to hire or find someone to look after them.  These are the few reasons why there is government grant for single mothers.  The government has tax grants for single moms.  This will definitely help lower the taxes they pay to the government.  There are also government education grants for single moms who want to finish or further their studies.  Well known are federal government grants that also help in getting federal education loans.  The national grants of the government may also be different from local government grants that each state or city may have for single moms.

There are also private and socio-civic organizations that would have grant for single moms.  The grants that could be available come in different forms such as financial, housing or shelter, employment or child care programs.  Many of these grants would be simply in exchange of a few hours service to the community by single moms.  The organizations will have a set of criteria to qualify for the grants.  This is to avoid abuse of grants.  There are some families that go to the extent of falsifying some records just to get freebies from private and non-profit organizations.  Some documents required to qualify are the likes of certifications from government agencies on the status of the single mom.  They are very careful in giving grants because it may be a precedent for others if it is given to some who don’t deserve it.

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