Simple Ideas to Help You Shape Up and Stay Healthy

May 16, 2013 by A Bromley  
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Staying as healthy as we possibly can is important for all of us no matter what our age or condition may be. The best way to stay healthy and live longer and happier is to make good choices and keep moving. Our bodies were meant to move, the body is designed for movement. It also needs to be fueled and refueled with a healthy diet and hydration. It is all part of living the good life but we have to make the choice…Read more.

Staying healthy, keeping our weight under control, most of us think about it but far too few of us, including me, put a whole lot of sincere effort into it.  It is one of those “To Do” things that is almost always at the top of our list but then gets pushed down a notch or two as life takes its bite out of our day in our hectic rush around world we live in.  It is difficult if not right next door to impossible to find that extra time to engage in a regular and regimented exercise routine, spend time at the gym and work out. 

However, we all need plenty of exercise on a daily basis if we are going to stay in shape, stay healthy and keep our weight, our blood pressure, our sugar levels, our pulmonary level, our triglycerides and cholesterol levels all in a healthy condition.  Proper diet, exercise, fresh air, plenty of water and plenty of rest are the key but most of us lost that key a long time ago and don’t know where to find it.  Life is just too busy and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time left in any given day to even look.

We need to re-think that and get our priorities straight.  If we let our self get sick and unable to do those necessary things in life, our job, parenting, sharing friendships, those simple acts of living then what good has all the rush and fuss been?  We need to take care of our self.  It is important not only for us but for those around us.  Even if your dream goal is to become the CEO of the company you work for or even have your own business and you are striving to climb that ladder of success, those rungs you are climbing are going to break under the weight of poor health, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We need to re-think, re-group and get it together for our life sake.

There are things we can do to help us shape up and stay healthy while we are doing all those other things we have to do.  It is sort of a multi-tasking thing and you can do it whether you are a stay at home mom or dad or out there banging your head against the wall in the corporate world and trying to keep up with the herd.  These are all things anybody can do no matter what your status in life may be.   

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