Rainy Day Dreams

June 20, 2013 by hkate248  
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How a mother and son would really like to spend their rainy day!

It’s hard to get motivated to go to work on days like today.  Gloomy, rainy, windy, dismal days like today.  However, not for the reasons you might think – at least not for me!  I actually love rainy days!  It’s hard to be motivated to go to work because I want to stay at home and thoroughly enjoy the peace that stormy days bring someone like me.  I quite literally experience a great calm within the storm and I find peace and joy in being able to fully embrace it. 


I am not the kind of person that enjoys summers in Wisconsin.  I don’t like being hot and I have a severe hatred for humidity, which Wisconsin seems to have an abundance of in the summer.  I used to love winters here but the winters of my adulthood have been much more frigid and much less fascinating than those of my childhood, and my love for Wisconsin winters is gradually fading.  Spring and Fall are a whole different story though.  These seasons tend to provide the absolute perfect weather conditions; not too cold, not too hot.  A cool, sunny Fall day or a dark, rainy Spring day are both as equally pleasurable to me.  I am not a huge fan of bright sunlight either which may also contribute to my yearning for cloudy, rainy days like today. 

There are so many things I enjoy about a rainy day.  I love the sound the rain makes when it falls on the rooftop or beats against the windows.  Some of my favorite childhood memories were of camping trips our family would take with our old pop-up, hard top camper.  Virtually every camping expedition ended up with at least one rainy day or night and I would spend hours sitting in the camper playing card games listening to the rain fall on the top of that camper.  It was so soothing and calming with its rhythmic beats, nature’s own music.  As an adult, I open the windows up on a rainy night and listen to that same song, same rhythmic beat, and it takes me back to a place of peace, serenity and innocence.  I fall asleep with contentment in my heart and my mind and drift off into a deep rest, remaining that way the entire night.  A complete night’s sleep is a rarity for me so this experience is a welcome one.  I love the smell of the rain, the tension in the air, the chill of the breeze.  It’s like everything just comes alive, the air, the sky, the ground, the trees, animals, plants, people – everything is just alive and full of energy and it’s amazing to watch and experience!

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