Pregnancy: Boy Vs. Girl

July 28, 2008 by L M Parsons  
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How my pregnancies differed depending on the baby’s gender.

Before ultrasound and amniotic tests there was no way to determine the sex of a child before he or she was born. Of course, that didn’t stop people from trying. There are many mythical ways to tell, such as how fast the hair on your legs grows (faster for a girl), or how low you are carrying the baby (lower for a boy). As the mother of two boys and one girl I can say from experience that there are differences in how one’s body reacts to being pregnant with a girl versus a boy. As a scientist I must note that my sample size is too small and there are too many other factors such as my age at the time of each birth, different stress levels, etc. to really attribute the differences I observed solely to the sex of the baby, but I will print them here for you anyway.

The First Trimester

For many this has got to be the easiest part of pregnancy. You can still fit into your clothes, everyone is congratulating you, and you get to spend a lot of time in the bathroom hugging the toilet. Actually, I’m one of the lucky ones – I didn’t get sick for either sex, but I did get a lot of headaches with the girl. I can rule out the time of year on this one (for those who wonder about allergies) because my oldest boy and my girl were born in the same month. It could be an age thing since I was six years older (I was 34) when I had my girl. I know another mom who had her two boys in her mid-thirties and she had headaches with the boys. The only other difference I noted was that I got big fast with the girl – but that was probably because she was my third child.

The Second Trimester

A lot of women have cravings during their pregnancies. I, on the other hand, experienced a dislike of chicken breast and broccoli during my first pregnancy. For my second I developed a craving for coffee which I had never liked before. I experienced neither a change in likes or dislikes when I was pregnant with my daughter.

One thing I experienced with my pregnancies and I think is interesting to note involves hair. During my first pregnancy the hair on my legs grew faster and my eyelashes fell out. Not completely, they just shed enough that I noticed because they kept getting in my eyes. My first son has very fast growing hair and fingernails (I had to trim his nails every other day when he was a baby) and his eyelashes are at least three quarters of an inch long. The hair on my legs grew very slowly during my second pregnancy and I didn’t have an eyelash problem. Of course, my eyelashes never really grew back from the first pregnancy so maybe that’s why. My second son has slower growing hair and fingernails and shorter eyelashes. During my third pregnancy the hair growth on my legs was slow for awhile then returned to normal. My daughter hasn’t gotten her hair in yet, but her eyelash length is somewhere between her brothers’. I don’t know what all this means, but it definitely discounts the hair growth myth which states that fast growing leg hair means you will have a girl.

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  1. Redburn Says:

    WOW I didn’t know there was any different between boys and girls inside the woman! Wow

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