Pregnancy and What It Means to Some Women

August 30, 2009 by G. Smith  
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I wrote this because some the things I didn’t know about when I got pregnant and later learned. I also learned through experience that pregnancy doesn’t follow those wonderful books to get to read about what to expect when your pregnant.

Though medicine and technology has advance in so many ways and in many areas in leaps and bounds. There is still one area in life that those areas will never be able to take the risk out of. Some women are able to do this without any  life altering things happening to them, while other women can take up to months to recover from this event in there life. Almost all women go through this event, if they choose to. Or some woman simply found themselves in the position that they have no other choice but to go through this event in their life.

What am I talking about? What could be so life threatening to some woman but not to others? What is a topic that is discussed with all women but the depth of the realization of what really happens is hardly ever dug into. I am talking about pregnancy and giving birth to a child. We’ve all heard that there are woman who die during giving birth to their children but we never truly believe it because it’s either not happen to someone close to you or to someone you know that knows someone that it happened to. Or it hasn’t happened to you. 

I think the other issue is that teens, who have sex, think simply that if I get pregnant oh well. Giving birth is hard, but due to the advances in the medical field it’s safer than it use to be; which is also the thinking of man adult woman. The problem with that kind of thinking is that it’s a double edged sword. You think you’re safe and you go through your pregnancy with rose colored glasses on. But if all you think about are all the things that could go wrong with your pregnancy you stress yourself out, which can cause issues with your pregnancy. The balance is to listen to your OB, do what she says, and eat right, exercise; even if it means just getting out and walking. Read books, but remember not everything you read is going to happen exactly that way in your pregnancy. I pray with all my might that your pregnancy goes nothing like mine, where everything I read nothing followed the book expect for the fetus’s growth.

A myth about pregnancy is a thing called morning sickness. We’ve all heard that morning sickness doesn’t just happen in the morning. You can either get it, morning, noon, or night. If your one of the lucky ones, you get morning sickness for the first month of pregnancy and it ends after that. If your one of the unlucky ones you get it for the whole pregnancy all day every day. Which you have morning sickness like this, its called severe morning sickness or Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This is something that 1 in 300 will experience during pregnancy and its not a normal morning sickness, also woman who suffer from this type of severe morning sickness will lose 5 percent of their weight or more through the pregnancy. ( When you suffer from this type of morning sickness, nothing you eat will stay down, even sometimes even what you drink to stay hydrated will not stay down. Basically you test and learn what your able to eat and if it doesn’t stay down doesn’t kill your throat on the way back out. Personally, I found that mint chocolate chip ice cream was the easiest to throw back up, not because it was soft but because of taste did kill me.  

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