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June 17, 2010 by YaoiLuvr  
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A review about rockabilly clothing websites.

Pinup girl Clothing is the most wonderful retro fashion site ever! I shop there all of the time and yes it is worth it! They sell many different clothing brands such as Deadly Dames, Lucky 13, Bettie Page, and Dixifried. The clothes are so cute but the prices can be high if you are on a budget.
This is the rockabilly joint for you. They don’t update their site too often, but when they do I come running! They cater to both men and women and even plus size women. They also sell jewelry, house ware, shoes, purses, and kitchen aprons so that you can have that vintage housewife look. This is also a good place to buy burlesque items like retro lingerie and designer pasties. These clothes are just wonderful. They fit well and best off all the style kicks-ass!
My favorite stuff to buy is the dresses and the bordello brand shoes. They even sell sexy costumes and club wear and that stuff is nice too. I am also impressed with their makeup line, because it makes my skin look good. This store is just too wonderful for words.
So if you are into Pinup couture and rockabilly fashion, then try Pinup girl I hope this review was good enough and helped those in search of vintage-style clothing.

SourPuss Clothing is a store just like Pin-up  Girl, only Sourpuss is more on the gothic side. I love it and I always buy stuff from their website. You can buy clothing, jewelry, and accessories for men, women, and kids. They  sell housewares items and decorations for your delight. What can I say, Sourpuss is the bomb! Unlike Pin-up Girl, Sourpuss has a lot of gothic items to choose from. They have all kinda of great brands such as: Hell Bunny, Lucky 13, and Lip Service. Some of the clothes they sell look retro,but at the same time you don’t have to walk down the street and worry about looking like you shop at a thrift store.The prices on the store site are also very reasonable and they always have sales! I love, even the name of the store sounds hip.You have to create an account with them so that you don’t lose your shopping list, which is a good thing. So if you are in search for rockabilly, vintage, and punk-rock designer clothing, then I suggest you try to Sourpuss. Just visit the link and check out this awesome fashion site at . I know some of you will thank me later for this review.

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  1. Bam bam Says:

    Pin up girl is absolutelu fabulous I am a new customer & will definitely be returning. I ordered from the UK & received my dress x2 days later AMAZING. It is exactly like the picture & I can not wait to wear it. Every woman who wants to look & feel sexy should shop here.

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