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February 9, 2007 by Jessica DaleWalker  
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Some organizational skills that every family needs in any situation.

Household organizational skills that every family needs. When being in the house, and when leaving the house there are organizational skills that every family need. One of which is working together. With how important that working together is there is organizational skills and are built off that. There are also individual organizational skills that are needed. Through that the organization the household will be happier.

With the work of the whole family organizational skills are what works the best. Especially when leaving the house. With the most common problem being that everyone does anything and everything to get out of the house at once. All it would take is in a system of parents and kids helping each other. Whether the kids are too small to get dressed on their own but can search for their own footwear. With the help and help system everyone is ready to go at the same time without the fuss of the kids being ready first and the adults feeling rushed and getting frustrated.

In the house I can say that I have so many things that I am thankful for. When I ask my boys to pick up their toys they do. They may not be the way that I want them to but they pick up the toys. I know that they are trying. While they are picking up toys I am setting the hidden toys out to be picked up properly and picking up the garbage that may have hit the floor. I also get the boys to put their own clothes away so that I can put away all the other clean laundry. Those are just the simple things. What is better whether the task or organizational skills are being used on their own or with everyone cooperating it doesn’t seem to make a difference. It always seems to be all of us working together.

Because of working together there are many different ways to organize what is going on around the house or on the agenda that you have to organize to get out of the house. With working together it can maybe seem that it is hard because you have to many things happening in one place but if it is spaced out it seems to work. And it seems that things are more organized between you and the family.

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