Occupy Wallstreet Has Completely Failed

November 17, 2011 by CrescentSkies  
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Why the Occupy Wallstreet Movement has become a complete failure.

As all of us in America have heard about over the past couple months, protesters have gathered in Wall street complaining about various political issues. What were those issues you ask? Well to be completely honest I can’t even remember anymore!

Occupy Wall street has been going on for two months now and has been the subject of more scandals and problems than Obama’s Presidency…okay maybe not that much but you get the point. Everything from homeless people stealing the protester’s supplies to criminals infiltrating the camps for free food has almost become old news after today. Today the protesters became violent.

The protesters began tearing away police barricades in Zuccotti Park and pressing against police lines. These acts of violence were met with the unacceptable arrests of 10 or 15 people. I say unacceptable because there should have been 100 or 200 arrests plus a heavy fine. What’s worse is that these fools plan to march on the Brooklyn Bridge in the height of rush hour. Police have issued a warning that any protester who even steps on the bridge will be arrested but it seems they are disregarding it…much to everyone’s um “amazement”? (please not the sarcasm)

Can’t these fools see what they’re doing? People may have agreed with them at one point, but what about when they’re blocking hardworking people of wallstreet from getting home to their families? Hell I can almost hear a little girl’s voice, “Mommy why hasn’t daddy come home yet?”, and the mom saying “Because some people are blocking the roads so daddy will be late today”. I can also hear a dad saying a much more vivid and honest reply, “because some fools are blocking mommy from coming home kiddo”.

Well Protesters of Occupy Wall street? Is this what you wanted? To turn the entire country’s opinion of you from slightly positive to negative in one go is quite a feat, you never could have accomplished it without your threats to block hardworking parents from getting home to their families and tearing down police barricades.

So my readers, do you know what Occupy Wall street stood for anymore? All I’ll remember from this protest is a group of fools who were little different from rioters.

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