Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

November 5, 2012 by titansrst  
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This writer looks back at a horrific act of heartlessness that allowed to young boys, four and 2, to die during last week’s storm that ravaced some of the east coast, especially New Jersey and New York,

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

On Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, two young brothers, 4-year-old Connor Moore and two-year-old Btandon, were swept out of their mother’s tiring arms by vicious flood waters to their deaths during the horrific hurricane/storm that swept much of the northeastern US. This happened after the mother’s SVU stalled on a Staten Island, NY, street at the height of the storm. The mother and other relatives said screaming attempts to get help at the doorsteps of at least two Staten Islanders were refused because they didn’t know the suffering people, nor was there anything they could really do to help. The boys’ bodies were found three days later less than 20 yards from each other very close to the homes where the mother had sought help. In the following text, 55-year-old teacher Ron S. Tuitt, who has overcome a disability to teach and become respected and beloved b children at his Paterson, NJ. Elementary school and who is facing cruel treatment now by his district, writes a letter to the Lord as he believes the 4-year-old brother, Connor, would scribe if such things were possible. The author doesn’t dig into right or wrong here, just the lack of compassion suffered by two boys and their grieving mother.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep,

We did die, alive and awake, the Lord kept his word, our souls he did take,

Why did He take us, we were only four and two, leaving us things that we’ll never do,

Why did people show so much hate, two a family whose crime was leaving a little too late,

Mommy begged people to lend a hand, to keep me and Brandon sage on the land,

The water was rising and running so fast, that without any help we’d only have a past,

But our end did come, we were found way too late, Then we met St. Peter at his Pearly Gate,

He dried off the tears of my brother and me, and told us our souls have been set so free,

But we looked down from Heaven and watched Mommy cry,

and yelled “mommy, dear mommy, you didn’t make us die,”

Then St. Peter said we’d again not be harmed, as we would live forever in God’s loving arms,

You know what, mommy, there are many kids here, too,

Whose parents hurt them with hits, hate and even glue,

Mommy never did these things, she only showed us love,

You taught us that love would lead us to the Heavens above,

Why, dear Lord, are people so mean, some even blame mommy for this horrible dream,

Please tell my mommy to not cry anymore, because her two boys are safe inside God’s loving doors

So now we lay ourselves down to sleep,

the Lord now has our souls to keep,

we’ll take care of each other, and look after mommy from the sky so high,

So please, please, mommy, dry your eyes and don’t cry

Love Your Sons Connor and Brandon

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