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August 3, 2013 by BloggingMom87  
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A Little About Me!

I am new to the world of blogging. And it may take me a minute to get the hang of it and become more comfortable expressing myself, so bare with me lol. I thought I’d take a few minutes to write a little about myself. I am a twenty six year old mom of two. I have a boy (whom just turned 3) he is quite the handful lol the terrible twos started early and haven’t quit! And a girl (whom is 17 months) she is my little drama queen lol, and is following everything her big brother does. I love them both so much, they are my whole world! I work part time nights (kids stay home with daddy) but I also work from home. It gets a little hard juggling work/house work and still making time to spend with my amazing family. I prefer days I spend more time with them and less time working ;) . I hope to be full time working from home soon so I have ALOT more time with my family! That about wraps it up for me. Have a blessed day!  -BloggingMom87

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