My True Inspiration

February 21, 2012 by LillyPerez  
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A story written with love, dedication, and truth.


    Many people think I am this cold, heartless, and mean individual. They get “being cold” mistaken with “being real”. They get “being strong” mistaken with “being heartless”. They get “being mean” mistaken with “protecting myself”. The only person who has always truly known who I am has always been my mother.  

    My life has always been based on the fact that I lost my father at a young age. My father passed away when I was four years old; four months away from my fifth birthday and seven months away from my first day at school; which left me traumatized. Ever since that fateful day I made a promise to myself to always be rebellious and disobey orders from those who hid my father’s death from me. Among those who hid my father’s death from me was my mother, Alma Perez, an individual who’s own strength and will power goes beyond any words I can use to explain it. She is the one and only person who has influenced my life in a positive way.

    As I mentioned before, I made a solemn promise to myself to always be rebellious and disobey orders from those who hid my father’s death from me. I hated my mom for that reason; not telling me my father had passed away for nearly two years. I used to call her foul names for no reason what-so-ever, hit her, leave her nasty letters saying how I didn’t love her and tell her I wish she were dead and not my father. She ALWAYS would respond with care, love, and understanding. Yes, she would cry, after all she is human, but not once would she hit me or disown me. She took it into her own hands to be my counselor, mentor, and best friend. After years of rebellion and her constant lectures, I finally realized I had to make a change and fast. She made me realize that life is precious and every minute of it should always be cherished because you will never know when that person you love the most and most care for will be gone forever.

    My mother has dealt with and is still dealing with so many unimaginable situations that I alone cannot express how sorry I am for her. She has gone through my father’s, aunt’s, and cousin’s deaths. She has raised my brother and I alone for nearly twenty years with no other man by her side. She has rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a low paying job at Wal-Mart. She has never once asked the government for any type of help. This showed me that no matter what the situation, one can always strive for the best. I have followed her examples and it has led me to this positive world full of opportunities and life treasuring moments.

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  1. Remus Dutulescu Says:

    Wow, really great story! Keep the good work going. :)

    Also, if you feel like helping a newbie out, you can check out my articles too.

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