My Our Mother is Craying?

July 29, 2013 by LyndaJ  
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My mother, Why You Crying?

Once upon a time, there was a boy who asked his mother. “Mom, why are you crying? ‘. Her mother replied, “Because my mother was a woman, boy.” “I do not understand,” said the child. Her mother just smiled and hugged him tightly. “Son, you’ll never understand it ….”

Later, the boy asked his father. “Daddy, why are you crying? It looks like I’m crying without any apparent reason? “The father replied,” All the women are crying without any reason “. Only answer that can be given by his father .And later, the child grows into adolescence and still wondering why women cry.

One night, he dreamed, and inquired of the Lord. “God, why do women cry so easily?”

In his dream, God said,

“When I created her, I made a very major.

I created her shoulders, to be able to hold the entire weight of the world and its contents, though also, it should be pretty comfortable shoulder and soft to hold the head of the sleeping baby.

I gave her the strength to be able to give birth, and the baby out of her womb, though, often also, he often repeatedly received censure from his son.

Give strength, which will make it stay afloat, never give up, when everyone was desperate.

In women, I give patience to care for his family, though tired, though ailing, though tired, no bitching.

I gave her, sensitive feelings and compassion, to love all his children, in any condition, and in any situation. Although, often the children were hurt her, hurt her.

This feeling is what will give warmth to the babies who resist nodding asleep. The touch is what will provide comfort while gently cuddled him.

I gave her strength to guide him through the tough times, and becomes her protector. Because, not rib bone that protects every heart and heart so as not torn?

I gave him wisdom, and the ability to provide an understanding and awareness, that is a good husband who never hurt his wife. Although, often also, it will test the wisdom of any allegiance given to the husband, still standing, parallel, complement each other, and love each other.

And, finally, I gave her a tear to pour out his feelings. This is what I gave to women specifically, to be used whenever he wanted. Only drawback is owned by women, although in fact, these tears are tears of life “.

Then, draw near us on the mother if she is still alive, because in her leg we found paradise.

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