Mothers Desperate to Dress Their Children Like Harper Beckham

July 31, 2012 by Philippa Mingins  
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There is no doubt Victoria Beckham’s daughter is a well dressed little girl. However, it is surely hard for the likes of the Beckham’s to justify the amount of cash they are splashing out on a growing baby’s wardrobe, nevermind the fact that most mothers now seem determined to kit their daughters out like a celebrity tot.

Most mothers spend more money on clothes for their children than they do on clothes for themselves.

A recent poll found that 94 per cent of mothers put their children’s wardrobes first over their own, many not hesitating at spending over £100 a time on an outfit for their little one.

Meanwhile the same mothers felt intensely guilty if they bought an item of clothing for themselves and would mull over purchasing a single item for some time before doing so.

And who are these mothers trying to emulate in their extortionate outfit choices for their children – Victoria Beckham of course.

According to those who carried out this latest bit of research, the mothers were determined their little ones could be as stylish as Harper “Seven” Beckham, and so were not letting the small matter of a high price tag get in their way.

The survey also found that many mothers would set aside a day a week to shop for their children to make sure their were wearing the latest fashions and were not fazed by the fact their little ones would grow out of the expensive designer outfits quickly.

I think there are two different strands to this article which need discussing further. The fact that most mothers are prepared to put their children’s needs before their own can only be a good thing. Motherhood is after all about sacrifice.

But then there is a desperately sad side to this story – the fact mothers are breaking the bank to emulate the style of a celebrity – and a very wealthy celebrity at that’s – daughter. Living beyond your means in any aspect of life is never going to lead to happiness in the end and in the case of clothes for your children there is no need to break the bank.

From what I have seen of Harper Beckham, the style Victoria has chosen for her is very simple. It involves a lot of pretty dresses and woolly tights. This is a look which can easily be replicated on the high street. Admittedly there are far more separates available in your average shops but there are always dresses and tights available in smaller quantities. It is easy to therefore replicate the look on a much cheaper budget if you look hard enough.

It is foolish, in my view, for even wealthy celebrities, to spend hundreds of pounds on designer outfits for their children when they are going to grow out of them so quickly, especially when they are Harper’s age.

This behaviour really shows what a spell so many people are under when it comes to celebrities. I personally feel under no pressure to emulate the way Victoria Beckham dresses her daughter. I would actually be far more impressed if there was finally a snap of her and Harper interacting and smiling at each other, rather than the constant photos of glum-faced mother toting daughter around like the latest designer handbag.

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4 Responses to “Mothers Desperate to Dress Their Children Like Harper Beckham”
  1. momofplenty Says:

    Great article… me, I dress my kids in whatever fits… but yeah, I would love to dress them as nicely as famous people…

  2. Jswana Says:

    Very good share. My motto is to keep the little girls cute, clean and moderately stylish. Some mothers take it far too seriously for their budgets. After all, they shouldn’t try to live their lives through their children, as some seem to do. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Martin Kloess Says:

    Well written piece, thank you.

  4. smokychristine Says:

    Even moderately priced children’s clothing is nearly out of sight. Can’t imagine the pricing for the fancy stuff. Seems obscene.

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