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May 20, 2013 by CRYSTAL EVANS  
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For most Jamaican women motherhood is not always a planned phenomena. I embraced Motherhood with fear and shy optimism. I knew from the day I saw my wide eyed wonderful babe that my life will never be the same and she has brought many blessings to my life since her birth.


  In celebration of Child’s Month in Jamaica, i have decided to blog somewhat on issues affecting children and family life in Jamaica. I have been a mom for approximately two years, MOtherhood at times is very frustrating as two year old toddlers do not follow instructions very well. This sometimes leaves me loud, annoyed and abusive. I am simply not accustom to having someone who blatantly disregards everything i say.

 Before i had Summer, i would be very upset with parents who reacted with anger, physical abuse and sometimes extreme disciplinary actions towards uncouth and inconsolable children but my daughter has taught me that Motherhood is a trying experience. It will put your faith, temper and self control on trial. You will fail or win as a parent. I might ad that i don not always get it right, sometimes i shout at her when i have work to do and she needs to play. Or i slap her when she is being disobedient. unrelentingly. I often regret it ads soon as her eyes pool with water.

   I have resolved not to get physical with her and try as much as i can to be rational and repress my fury when i am dealing with my child. I have found at times that it is easier to take my anger out at her, i have grown to control my temper for fear that i might fracture her sense of love.

  I have endeavour to give her all that life and my financial status permits me to, i do not need any one to make my daughter ever feel inferior. She will grown to understand that i will be for her always as long as life permits me to. I will live by example and as much as can try to micmic a virtuous life so that i can be an exemplary adult.

 Many times i have been forced to see life through my daughters eyes as she looks at me in open wonder at the world i have learnt to take for granted. I am proud to be a mom. I understand my responsibility as a parent as i brought her into thus world hence it is my job and that of her father to ensure that she makes a wholesome contribution to the human advancement.

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