Mother Who Always Pry for Me (The Sad Story)

July 29, 2013 by LyndaJ  
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My Mother Who Always Pry for Me (The Sad Story)

As I got older, I got to know a nice little life, feel happiness has a handsome face, happiness has many admirers at school, the joy of my intelligence to be proud of many teachers. That’s me, but one that should cover me, I’m ashamed to have a mother who is blind! His eyes no one. I’m so embarrassed, really

I really want perfection lies to me, none have a defect in my life as well in my family. At that time the father of our spines have been called first by the Almighty. I’m left only child who was supposed to be the backbone of a substitute father. But I ignored it all. I’m only concerned with the needs and my needs only. Being a working mother making meals for employees on a home sewing simple.

At one point the mother came to the school to see how I was doing. Having been some days I do not come home and did not sleep at home. Due to slum it makes me sick, makes me flawed perfection that I have widened. Will i achieve to reach a perfection.

Right on the break, I saw the figure of an old woman at the door of the school. His clothes were neatly understated and polite. That’s what my mom has one eye. And that always makes me ashamed and more embarrassing mother called me. “Want mother doing here? Mom came just to embarrass me! “my shout  make her immediately rushed off. And that’s really what I was expecting. Mother was
rushed out of the school. Because kehadiranya I was really embarrassed, very ashamed. Until a couple of my friends say and ask. “Hi, it’s your mother huh???, His mother a yes?” Which made me like a thunderbolt get questions like that.

A few months later I left school and got a scholarship at a school abroad. I received a scholarship that I seek and chasing so I can leave the my small house and especially my mother left me embarrassed. Turns out I got it. I went away without telling my mother because to me it was not necessary. I live for myself. To hell with my mother. A person who always disturb progress.

In school, I became a student of the most popular because of intelligence and good looks. I had success and then I married an Indonesian girl and settled in Singapore.

Long story short I became a successful, very successful. I live a very luxurious place, I have a son aged three years and I love him so much. In fact I’m willing to risk my life for my son’s.

10 years I lived in Singapore, learn and build a harmonious household and did I never think of the fate of my mother. Bit I do not even miss her, I do not worry about it. I’m HAPPY with my life now.

But one day a perfect life is disturbed, when my son was busy playing in the front door. Suddenly came an elderly woman and a little seedy him. And I saw she was my mother, my mother came to Singapore. I do not know for what and where he obtained the fare. He came to see me.

My mom just kicked me instantly. I casually said: “HEY, YOU GO Beggar. YOU MAKE MY SON BE AFRAID! “And no word reply , Mom smiled,” SORRY, I’M WRONG ADDRESS “

Without feeling besalah, I went into the house.

A few months later came a letter of invitation to a reunion of my high school. I also came to attend and reasoned to my wife that I was going to a foreign official.

Long story short, I arrived in my hometown. Shortly just want to attend the reunion party and a little bragging is already successful. I managed to make all my friends are amazed at myself today.

Finish Reunion whether I want to see the state of my house before returning. Do not know what made sense to look at the rundown step and the old lady. Arriving in front of the house, there was no feeling of sadness or guilt to me, even I was actually disgusted look. With a sense of innocence, I entered the house without knocking first. I see the house is so messy. I have not found the woman inside the house was old, I do not know where he was, but instead I was relieved not to see him.

I rushed out and met with one of my neighbors. “There you are, too. Your mother had died a week ago “

“OH …”

Only the words that come out of my mouth. There was no little sadness in my heart I felt when I heard she had died. “This, before he died, mom gave this letter to you”

After submitting the letter he immediately hurried away. I open the letter sheet is dirty.

For my son who I love very,
I love my son so I know you hate me. But I am happy when we heard the news that there will be a reunion at your school.
I wish that I could see you once again. because I’m sure you’ll come to the reunion event.
Honestly miss you mom, very deep that every night I could only cry, looking at your picture the only one mother you have.Mother never forget to pray for your happiness, so that you can be successful and see the wide world.
Just so you know it my dear, honest eyes that you use to see the wider world that one of them is my eyes are always embarrassed.
My eyes I gave you when you were little. At that time you and your father had an accident which was great, but the father died, while your right eye blindness. I can not bear this beloved children live and grow with eye defects of the eye so I gave it to you.
Now I’m proud of you because you can achieve what you want and aspire.
And I will very happy to see the wide world with my eyes that I gave you.
As I write this, I’m still hoping to see you for the last time, but I think it’s impossible, because I was sure death was in front of my eyes.
Hugs and kisses from his beloved mother

Like lightning in broad daylight to hit all my nerves, I was speechless! I realized that the truth is not my mother embarrassed me, but myself ….

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