Mother Tips: Tips for Dealing with Teen Daughter

March 27, 2013 by anita00006  
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Mother tips: Tips for dealing with teen daughter.

Having a child is the daughter to the mother happy. However, the problems faced by girls are more difficult to deal with.
A survey says that two-thirds of the mothers claimed that girls now significantly harder to handle than teenage boys.

Addressing Issues Young Women

1. Remember when you were young. One of the things that is often overlooked is that the mothers had their first young. So, to be more sympathetic and empathetic to put on a teenage girl, you have to think back on those times when it’s unstable.

2. Buy the best tool vise if you do not want to be bothered by screaming every morning due to tangled hair.

3. Choose a dark color sheets for the bed base so you do not have to nag effect cream stains everywhere he wore every night.

4. Prepare a mask. The girls usually love to spend half a bottle of perfume before stepping out of the house. So get ready.

5. Not to be too giddy about the make-up she wore. Menornya appearance will change over time and improved self image.

6. Get used to hearing “mommy / mom wrong”. Wrong when you say she looks pretty. Wrong when you say her skirt is too short. In fact, you are always wrong in almost every respect.

7. In addition, familiarize yourself to hear “Oh, mama / old mother’s (or not modern anymore).” That is one reason why you are always wrong.

8. Accept the fact that the days where you can chat with the girl at breakfast is over. Face it, when you say her skirt is too short, too menor dressed, and that she had to eat 3 grape seed again, about whether he still wants to sit down with his mother that he .. um … fussy? Fortunately for you when he wants to.

9. If you have more than a teenage daughter, better provide the needs of each fair. Do not let the firstborn makes you dizzy because the complaint about a faulty leggings worn over his brother.

10. Learn to be quiet, especially when your daughter’s friends was visiting. Let them speak the ‘language of teenagers’ and hold yourself to interrupt.

11. Do not impersonate a teenage daughter just to know better gebetan baby. You will be brought into the world of young love competition nauseating.

12. Arm yourself with knowledge about family psychologist. Besides baby, you still have to deal with a husband who would blame you for any failures that occur on your daughter.

13. Try not to take it as a serious accusation when baby is screaming at you because it ruined his life.
The teenage years are a transition period. Accept and understand that, as such, this period will pass the sweet, sweet understanding and your wisdom as a mother.

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