Mother, How Often You are Appreciated by Your Family?

August 22, 2010 by akira14  
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Mothers are the most compassionate and benevolent person in this world, how often your love ones say thank you to you?

I grew up as an independent, my mother died when I was 9, by then I never knew what the feeling of having a mother is. Yes, I admit I envy (sometimes) those kids who has someone to call mother, and I said to myself that if only my mom is around, I will take care of her because I’m grateful to be as her daughter.

I observed that housewives were very dedicated to their family. They valued and cherished so much their husbands and children. Here are simple things that a mom does but I don’t know if their love ones see how much they put effort for it.

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1. Woke up early in the morning and devotedly prepare for breakfast for her husband who is going to work and for the children who are going to school. Not only a preparation for what are they going to eat for breakfast, but for the pack snacks as well. In the early hours of the day, they sweat and already stress. Did anyone say thank you before leaving?

2. Family left, mom cleans the dishes and enthusiastically tidies the house. (Mom don’t relax, there’s a lot of house hold chores to do!) When family arrived, does anyone say “mom, thank you for this clean and pleasant surroundings that welcomes us” (I bet no one dares!)

3. Family arrived and mom prepares delicious food for lunch, but before preparing she needs first to wash the dirty lunch box of the kids. (Washing again! oh common kids, say thank you to your mom!)

4. Dinner time, food was set up, but then mommies were busy to think what they are going to cook on the following morning. Yes, it is funny and it sound may easy but its not, they want to give the best, prepared the most excellent food that her family may like.

5. At last, week end came, but then mom is still busy, she needs to do the laundry, iron the uniforms, budget the money for the whole week, and needs to go to the market. Does any one say thank you to you mom? Or does any of your children who are already grown ups then volunteer “mom, let me do the laundry and take a rest?” I hope someone does.

Being a mom is the most wonderful and fantastic happened to a woman; it’s what you call fulfillment and satisfaction. I know all moms out their do not ask any thing in return, but for me, do they have to ask for you to do something? If my mom is alive, I will reward her everyday in the simplest thing I can. Happy reading adorable mommies!

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18 Responses to “Mother, How Often You are Appreciated by Your Family?”
  1. emerald1684 Says:

    wow, love those kind of foods..hmmm…

  2. John Cornor Says:

    thanks for the post. i really love my mom.

  3. drelayaraja Says:

    Often forgotten, but should be always appreciated.

  4. zain0077 Says:

    Great post,I really love my mother

  5. Jenny Heart Says:

    My mom is grrrreat!

  6. Ruby Hawk Says:

    I’m sorry you lost your mother so early. I know it must have been very hard for you, but mothers are certainly not perfect. We all make many mistakes that we regret.

  7. Ethics0006 Says:

    Thanks for the share

  8. LCM Linda Says:

    Sorry to hear that you lost your mother at so early age. You are attentive and this article is a very good reminder to many people. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Rhodora Bande Says:

    Every mother will love to have someone like you for a daughter – someone who appreciates the things a mother does for her family.

  10. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    An excellent tribute to a mom. I’m sorry to hear that your mother passed away when you were 9. Even though you didn’t have your mom for the most part of your life, you appreciate her, but there are many who doesn’t understand the value of their mom.

  11. MsPatriciaDV Says:

    Being a mother is a 24-hour job without any compensation. This is a good post. Hope every child and husband would find this one and start appreciating their mothers.

  12. Uma Shankari Says:

    Any one would love to have a daughter like you. As mothers, we do our duty for the kids, pray for them when they do wrong and won’t understand when we point the mistakes to them, rejoice in their success and feel sad by their failures. Yes, mothers feel happy when daughters and sons thank them, but as daughters, they repeat the same mistake of not appreciating their mother’s efforts.

  13. Krishna Veni Selagamsetty Says:


    I like the topic written on mother. U are true. Many of them do not realise what their mother does for them. God could not help every person in all times, so he created mother. I love my mother. As a mother she did a lot for her 9 children. I can never think of the best gift I could give her, except that I remember the way she used to treat me whenever I have to take care of my child. I always wanted to be a best mother like my mom.

  14. sapphirelaws22 Says:

    I agree with you

  15. Mickey Veluxe Says:

    Routine goes unnoticed and it should not be like that, nice share creates awareness for those everyday moments we should be grateful towards our mom.

  16. Cee Jay Ess Says:

    I am feeling like I am not appreciated by my family most of the time. I am a mother of four grown children who 3 of them have children of their own. I still do so much for my grown children and yet I dont get a thank you, nothing. This makes me feel used and over looked as their mother. I love each and every one of them, but yet, they don’t appreciate me. Maybe I should stop buying and helping?

  17. joan retiro Says:

    I can relate, being a mother. My kids do not say thank you but they say “I Love you, Mom” and it is all what I need.:)

  18. CHIPMUNK Says:

    mothers should be appreciated and not taken for granted

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