Mom’s Congestive Heart Failure

January 10, 2013 by Kharla Jolly  
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Since a couple days after Christmas, my mother has been dealing with a critical issue, Congestive Heart Failure.

Living in a nursing home has been a surprisingly happy experience for my mother. She adjusted quickly and participates in almost all the activities each day. She has always been very sociable, loving to be where there will be a gathering of people. Alone time isn’t something she has ever really liked.

A couple weeks ago, we notice that Mom was retaining quite a bit of fluid in her hands and feet. The nurses assured us, this had been reported to their house doctor, who was out of town over the Christmas holiday season. They immediately started restricting her fluid intake and recording her daily output on a wall-chart. Her swelling got so bad, they had to remove the rings off her fingers, to keep them from losing proper circulation.

A full ten days later, the doctor came in to examine her. He increased her dosage of Lasix(water pill)medication and left orders for the nurses to continue limiting her fluid intake.

Getting around has gotten increasingly harder for Mom, because of the extra 50 lbs. of retained water. Her ninety year old heart has been working overtime, to compensate for this large amount of fluid surrounding it.

Yesterday when I went for a visit, Mom looked like her old self again and she expressed how much better she felt.

We were sure this might be her last week on earth, but apparently God has something more for her to do before she leaves us. Over the past year, all her care-givers at Tender-Care have grown quite fond of her. If this experience hasn’t done anything else, it has made me so thankful for each and every minute I still have my Mother around. We’ve grown very close, knowing our time together could be cut short, at any time. She will definitely be deaply missed, by her daughter Kharla.

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9 Responses to “Mom’s Congestive Heart Failure”
  1. momofplenty Says:

    My thoughts are with you and your Mom. The loss of a parent is ever so hard but I know you have faith in your religion… may your faith help and console you.

  2. A Bromley Says:

    Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers. I’m glad to hear she is doing some better. Kharla, I know it will be hard to let go but I also know you know life goes on even in death and Glory days are just ahead for both of you. God is good. My His peace surround and fill both of you. Keep the faith. Wonderful share and tribute to mother and daughter relationships, the building, the holding and the letting go. Great job.

  3. afaceristonline Says:

    very interesting post .thanks for share

  4. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    Kharla, keeping you and your family in my prayers…God bless you.

  5. xphantoms Says:

    This history

  6. caesar27 Says:

    thanks for sharing….God bless you.

  7. erwinkennythomas Says:

    Of much concern!

  8. Eunike Says:

    My heart & mind for your mother and you. I pray that she will be much better.

  9. KittyK Says:

    Oh dear. I hope that her condition will improve each and every day of the week. It is so difficult, at best, to see our elderly parents suffer with their health. My prayers to you and your family and it appears God is not ready for her yet. God Bless.

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