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August 31, 2013 by abarfknecht13  
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Lets do the first blog on being a teen mom, how I became one, and how I do it.

Being a teen mom is a very hard thing to do due to the fact of lack of maturity and most teenagers that have babies are not financially supporter by the dad, and some get neglected by their parents. Being a teen mom while you are still growing up changes how you grow up, sometimes good sometimes bad. Good because one may be headed down the wrong path on drugs and then they see their baby and straighten up for him/her. Or bad due to the fact of being held down by the baby makes them want to rebel and go wild.

How I became a teen mom. Well the obvious, I had sex. But I was not as old as most teen moms, I was only 13 years old when I delivered my daughter. I was so young and just started turning into a young lady. Bu I adjusted and grew up fast and I take care of my daughter. I have had a job, I graduated high school and am now currently attending college to better my daughters life. At the time I started having sex my boyfriend was two years older than me and already knew all about sex and I went along with it. Having my daughter changed me for the better. I was heading down the wrong path in drugs and alcohol. Despite the young age I am a proud mother of a beautiful little four year old !

How do I do it? Well like any mom out there I do go crazy at times, but life moves on. I get up and get my daughter ready for the babysitter which is my mom, thankfully she offers to do it for free. Then I go off the school and come home. My main goal and what I believe works best is to play with them right after school. If you do this then you will wear them out and then they’ll nock out just in time for homework. My daughter still has her daddy in her life even though we are not together. This is just the start of my crazy life !

Life Marches On . . .

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