Momma is Crazy!

July 26, 2011 by Livinlifeoutloud  
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A humorous look at how crazy the world of a multi-tasking Mom can be and how we laugh it off sometimes just to keep our sanity.

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     What happened to the days when stay at home Moms could easily work from home and still have time to cook big country meals and bake cookies? These days if you work from home, run your home, tend to the kids, handle the home finances and run the errands, a Mom can find herself nearly losing her mind! Sometimes, there just doesn’t seem to be enough coffee to give that burst of super mom energy needed to keep focused. Now to find that dang legal pad that contained my to-do list… if I lose that, I’m really in trouble!

     My day consists of dragging my unwilling body out of the bed at the crack of dawn, even though it may have been midnight before I ever finished my work and finally crashed from exhaustion the night before. That doesn’t matter because the dog is whining to go pee, there’s coffee to be made ( so that I can function ), and I have to get the individual we provide care for up and going for the day. We provide care for the developmentally disabled in our home, very similair to foster care, except for adults. After this is done, I locate the biggest coffee cup I can possibly find, quickly watch the news and weather, then the dog must go out again.

     I grab a shower, dress and get started on the house cleaning, throwing a load of laundry in the washer as i come up the hallway. In the midst of this, I am also cooking breakfast, answering emails or text for the job and yes, taking the dog out one more time. The nurse comes in for my individual and I wake everyone that’s not up and get them going for the day. Within twenty minutes two of the kids are usually arguing, so I start looking for the headache medicine and more coffee. The husband feels bad because his back hurts and wants to know where his hat is. One of the kids is mad and crying because one of the other kids called them ‘fat’. The one accused is protesting their case loudly and the poor dog needs to go out yet again. Where’s that dang coffee cup of mine?

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  1. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    An oh so familiar image.

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