Mom Forces Teen Daughter to Get Pregnant

May 3, 2013 by StayceeLuhrain91  
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At just 14 years of age.

A mother to three (adopted) children was DENIED a fourth child and became extremely desperate. She thought up this plan that her 14 year old daughter would HAVE her fourth child through by a sperm donor.

The mother is a divorced American woman living in England. She ORDERED SPERM ONLINE for her young teenage daughter. It is believed that the girl miscarried the first insemination and she was later administered 6 MORE inseminations. Her teenage daughter gave birth to a little boy at age 17 in July of 2007.

Nobody thought the situation was alarmful until they seen how strange the girl’s mother acted during the birth. She DID NOT want the baby bonding to his mother at all. The staff notified police of the situation and all of the children have been placed BACK in foster care. The teenage girl’s mother has been convicted of child cruelty and serving 5 YEARS in jail.

“If I do this…maybe she will love me more. My mum is a very determined person and she does her best not to let anything get in her way if she wants it.”

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