Mom Can I Have.

July 19, 2011 by Comp312033  
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Its the never ending battle with toy and game makers. Something new is always release this day and that day. Who can really keep up with it?

Lucky for me two of my kids are still young enough to enjoy playing with cardboard boxes and socks. The oldest is a preteen and he is at that very stage of asking for everything under the sun.  It usually starts out with “Mom can I have..”, or ” We should get…”.  As if “we” would want the same thing.  Now I can admit only on this page that I find some his gadgets are pretty cool and I secretly take time out to play with them too.

Who ever wants spend money on all of these latest and greatest toys that would soon be replaced by the newest and greatest release. I would be the first to say “Not me”.  I’ve found ways around the hoopla and digging in my pockets for money to satisfy my kids thirst for games.  I’ll let you guys in on my secret later on. 

I’m not your average Internet uses just expressing my concerns. I’m an Internet mom who finds way to make everything work out just fine.

Does these cards speak louder than words? How many have you brought so far?

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