Maintenance Spankings Part Two

September 5, 2011 by randomone  
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Second story in my series about the maintenance spankings my mother used to give me.

My morning spanking stayed the same way from the time that I was six until I was nearly nine.  I had stopped wearing footie pajamas at about six and a half, as I had made the case to my mother that they made it tougher to go to the bathroom.  I then began wearing just pajama bottoms and a pajama top.  It was also better because after while wearing them I wasn’t completely naked during my morning spanking.  I would have my pajama bottoms lowered to my ankles, but still it felt better to me than being completely naked.  But when I was nine a couple of things changed.

First, I had gotten older and my butt had gotten stronger, meaning that my mom’s hand would be hurting worse than my butt if she spanked me to tears like she always did in the morning.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  My mother came to my room, woke me up, pulled down my pajama bottoms, and put me over her lap.  I was too asleep really to tell that she had a hairbrush in her hand.  The hairbrush was made purely of wood just like the paddle, was rounded, and was pretty thick.  She smacked my butt with that brush one time and I immediately knew it wasn’t her hand.  It felt nearly like a paddle, but not quite as bad.  I fell off her lap as she had expected, held my butt, and looked at her hand holding the hairbrush.  She looked down at me and said “You’re too old for a hand spanking now.”  She then pulled me back up over her lap, held me down and smacked that hairbrush into my butt nine more times.  After the spanking I immediately fell off her lap and pretty much into a puddle on the floor.  My butt was burning furiously.  I went and looked in the mirror at it like I always did after a spanking and noticed it was redder than the hand had ever made it. 

At the time I thought that a hairbrush every morning was going to be way too painful, but like with most implements my butt got used to it and pretty soon it was more routine than scary.  In the next post I will tell why I am so against morning spankings and really any form of maintenance spanking.  I don’t think parents should spank at all, but maintenance spankings are even worse than punishment spankings in my view.

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