Maintenance Spankings Part Three

September 5, 2011 by randomone  
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The reason I believe maintenance spanking is wrong.

When I was twelve and a half, my mother stopped spanking me as punishment.  Along with this, she also decided to stop giving me a morning spanking.  The problem with that was that it was routine and honestly it felt like something is wrong when I wasn’t awoken with a good spanking.  This is the main reason I disagree with maintenance spankings.  I believe that by making the spankings a routine my mind got too used to it and started to question whether or not I would be able to go without it.  It became like an addiction I guess.  It felt weird not being relieved of guilt through being spanked.  I had to get things back the way they were before.

My first idea was to act out as much as possible in order to try and get her to think that she needed to start spanking me again because other punishments weren’t working.  Unfortunately, she just kept trying to win the battle by grounding me.  I had started spanking myself in the morning and when I did something wrong, but it just wasn’t the same, as I couldn’t swing at myself like someone else could.  She never caught me, which was actually pretty amazing.  I decided to ask her why she stopped spanking me and she answered with the same thing every parent does; that I was too old for it to hurt and that she didn’t feel right seeing me naked at my age. 

I decided to tackle the nakedness issue first.  It was the middle of August and we had a pool in our back yard with a clear slide window that led back into the house.  I decided to go skinny dipping.  I hadn’t done that since I was about seven years old, but I figured that if I was skinny dipping my mom would see me naked and it wouldn’t be so obvious that it wasn’t accidental.  My mom asked why I was skinny dipping.  I told her that some of my friends still did it at my age.  She didn’t seem to care, so I decided to continue every day until either it got too cold or she realized it wasn’t a problem if she saw me naked.  The first part about the spanking not being able to hurt me enough was going to be a bit tougher, but I did have a plan. 

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