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April 16, 2012 by Tiki33  
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Life should be enjoyed and being miserable is just a sad way to live. Enjoying yourself and experiencing your goals will make a happier you. Live your life and enjoy!

What’s wrong with doing the things you enjoy? It doesn’t matter if you’re married with ten kids. You must live and feel happy about you. Living is what the word says. No need to walk around like a zombie and whining about what you could have done. If someone in your life is miserable and wants you to join them than tell them to kick rocks, don’t tell them that. Just let them know that you want happiness and they should want that too. Being miserable is so depressing and a waste of time. You have the right to have fun and accomplish the things you have always wanted to accomplish. Stop making excuses for not enjoying your life.

It doesn’t matter if you have ten kids or no kids at all. Get up and go sky diving if you want. I wouldn’t sky dive though. If you want to go back to school than do it. Stop saying what’s the use or I’m to old for that. So what’s stopping you? God does not want us to be miserable. Sitting back and allowing life to pass you by is no way to live. How about going to an exotic beach or taking that helicopter ride. The helicopter is not for me, I’m afraid of heights but it maybe just what you need. How about those piano lessons or singing lessons? Do it! Make a change and enjoy life while you’re still breathing.

So what your spouse told you to stay home and watch him eat everything in the house. Put on your sun hat and get in your car. If the car won’t crank hop out and start walking or catch the bus. Just enjoy something. Why be miserable and drained with frustration. You deserve to pamper yourself and do what you enjoy. Let your hubby watch the kids and run! Don’t run but take a much needed break. Starting tomorrow, promise! Alright I think you’ve gotten the picture.

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  1. lauralu Says:

    yes stop and smell the roses good share!

  2. Safa Says:

    This is great advice. Wonderful piece for the depressed.

  3. Eunike Says:

    Very nice idea. Let’s do

  4. Shavin Says:

    Nice Share
    Living For Death

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