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June 25, 2012 by anaitreads  
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A disgruntled mother showing her child accountability means nothing.

Two young girls, 13 and 11, cut off the hair of a three year old at McDonald’s. The two girls didn’t know their victim, but got cozy with her before their shenanigans. At the court hearing, the older girl (let’s call her bully) admitted to also making harassing calls to another teenager. Bully was originally sentenced to pay restitution to the victims, 30 days in detention, and 276 hours of community service. The judge made the claim, “If Bully were his daughter, he would not want her spending her time with the youth work crew.” With his worries stated, he gave Bully and her mother another option for punishment.

The other option would be cutting the community service hours by 150 if the mom cut her Bully’s hair at that moment. The mother agreed and cut her Bully’s hair, but the mother of the victim was not satisfied. The victim’s mother felt that the hair cut needed to be shorter. After hearing the complaint, the judge insisted that the Bully’s mother cut her hair up to the ponytail holder. Although Bully’s mother consented at the time, she seems to be having second thoughts. Bully’s mother has filed a complaint against the judge. She states, “I felt very intimidated. An eye for an eye, that’s not how you teach kids right from wrong.”

Bully’s mother has me shaking my head wondering what’s wrong with her. Bully’s mom feels that the punishment for Bully was too much. I’m sorry that her hair cut was so horrible, but think about two strangers cutting a three year old’s hair. The judge gave the woman two options and she chose the hair cutting. She cut her own daughter’s hair. It wasn’t like she was forced to cut Bully’s hair. She just didn’t feel that Bully deserved the other punishment. Bully’s mother has bigger problems to worry about than her child’s hair. If a 13 year old is calling other teens and threatening mutilation and rape then she has issues. Instead of being upset with the judge, the mother should be trying to get Bully help.

Was the judge wrong? Should any further action be taken? I don’t believe so. The judge made the other defendant get her head shaved like his. It is hair, it will grow back. I don’t think the judge went far enough with the punishment. After learning of Bully’s other horrendous antics, he should have made her go to mandatory counseling and her mommy too! Parents need to show their children that bad choices come with negative consequences. If parents notice a problem with their child then it’s something they need to get to the bottom of quickly before it spirals out of control. When trouble comes knocking at your door then you’d better show your child how the world works.

*I chose to call the defendant Bully because I didn’t want to use real names.

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