Learning to Accept The Will of God

May 16, 2013 by Demoine  
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This article is for those that may not understand why certain things are happening in their life because they’re plan seems to not be working. I pray that this is something that you are able to learn from and gain a better understanding of God’s will for your life.

Often times in my life I had planned to do certain things by a certain age but it seemed as if what I wanted never came when I wanted it to.  I didn’t understand why things like that would happen to me so I would become very frustrated and angry.  I found myself becoming border line depressed at times and I didn’t know what to do.   I did what most people do and that was called my mom to talk to her about what I was going through.

 When my mom answered the phone I just started explaining everything right away.  I’m not even sure I asked how she was doing!  I just needed someone to listen to what I wanted to talk about and after talking for about 5 minutes my mom asked me “Son have you prayed about the situation?”  I stopped dead in my tracks and I replied “No ma’am I haven’t.”  I stopped talking and listened to my mom because she has always given me good advice and I knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong.

After listening to my mom talk for about 5 minutes I heard her say things like “Son God’s will is perfect and you have to stop getting in his way.  It’s not about your plans all the time but it’s about God’s plan for your life.”  I heard this back in 2005 and this has stuck with me ever since.  I recently had a situation happen to me where I had to remember what my mom said which is why I’m writing this article.  I applied for a new job in a location I thought I wanted to go to but it didn’t work out.

At first I was upset but when I stopped and looked at the whole situation I realize the move would have been bad for my family and me.  I realized the opportunities that have presented themselves to me at my current location weren’t forced but they all came to me easily so if I would have left I would have been delaying some great things in my life and could have possibly even messed up the lives of my wife and children.

Some of you may have felt the same way I felt but just know that whatever you are trying to do must be approved by God before it can happen.  In my situation I just wanted to get closer to my family but God showed me it’s not meant for me to get closer to my family right now because he has so much work for me to do in my current location.  So that brings me to say that God’s will is what matters and not what we want all the time.  The key is to pray that God’s will be done in your life and really understand the significance of that.

If we all take this approach to situations like mine we’ll realize there’s no room or time to get upset, angry or mad about anything.  We don’t have to make hard decisions in life because a plan has already been set for us so just wait for doors to open up for you.  If you’re trying to leave a job, location or whatever if the door has been opened to you walk through it but if not just be patient and wait to see why God has you staying in that job or location. 

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