Ladies Listen to Your Guts!

February 15, 2011 by HoneyWrights  
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Woman should learn to learn to listen to there inner self:
Go with your gut feeling and love the person you have become:

My son’s and I used to read together every night, one of my favorite children’s story books is Mother Goose;

I love the fact that people help put her back together again,


I loved to hold my sons in my lap and read to them and appreciate the love we shared for one another at that time in our lives. How I wish those days would never go anywhere;


How I feel like Mother goose who feel down and needed to put back together again;

I wish that the story book was real and not just a story for most single women today;

My son began dating at thirteen years old and How I cried and how we fought and how we argued;

I did not agree but its six years later and there still together and they have a beautiful daughter;


My grand daughter is Mother goose’s nurse these days; The look in her eyes when she sees me, gives me strength to face each new day;

I wish I could be the helper for help my oldest son he like a Boy goose who fell down and needs to be put back together again;

A close friend of mine suffered abuse from an family member of hers. But her own mother seems to be blinded by the pain and suffer her daughter holds in her eyes;

I have fallen in love with her as if she is my own daughter.


So I decided to be the Mother Goose of her life but I refuse to fall down for her and be broken up into pieces, I am going to help her in every way possible. She still young and my gut feeling says to me she going to be something wonderful in her life one day;.


I desperately wanting to  hold this young lady in my arms and never allow her to leave me every again;


I believe that, her mother lives in denial of the problems her daughter is going through in her life.


Had her mother listened to her own  intuition, her gut feeling, she could have saved her daughter years ago;


My oldest son say I am always in his business, but do he realize that he came out of me into this world;

If it was not for me my sons would not be here. I am the person who carried them and feed them and gave birth to them;

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