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August 31, 2013 by Tara Causey  
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Into about the Baskets of Smiles program at La Bella Baskets.

La Bella Baskets is a special program created and launched by La Bella Baskets in December of 2009. We believe every gift has a purpose, and our purpose is to give back. This is why we have chosen to give to single moms nationwide. We understand the hardships and challenges single moms go through every single day, and we want them to know that we do care about them. Our mission through this program is to help women and lift them up while helping them feel pretty, important, and cared for.

To show our appreciation, every month we deliver to single moms a La Bella Basket of Smiles filled with beautiful Spa and Bath essentials. We deeply believe that every single mom needs a calm and nurturing place in their lives to relax, melt away stress, rejuvenate, heal, and promote a balance of the body, mind, and spirit.

All purchases from La Bella Baskets directly contribute to our La Bella Baskets of Smiles Program. Thank you for all your support, and thank you to all of our La Bella Baskets Consultants for making this program possible.

Tara Causey

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