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October 27, 2013 by MountainNana  
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Children often come up with the most interesting concepts in life and some of what they think is quite hilarious. Here are a few from my children’s and grandchildren’’s growing up years.

Kids say the funniest things at times that can just crack you up.    I wrote down several things my children said when young and also my grandchildren.  They also do some funny things as well.     Here they are. 

My mom had gone to a yard sale several years ago and saw a nicely tanned and cured soft rabbit hide.  It was soft and white with a couple black spots.  My dad tacked on the wall behind their sofa.    When we came to visit that afternoon my then five year old son stood staring at the hide tacked to the wall for about five minutes.   Then hands on hips her glared at all the adults and asked.  “Okay who smashed the cat” 

My second oldest son had been listening to the story of chicken little.  At church he had heard about the book of Daniel in his bible class.    He came up to me and said “There’s two books of Daniel, one in the bible and the second book is when the sky fell on chicken Little’s head”

While traveling one day to visit some friends it had been raining but the sun came out en-route.   At church that week the children had learned about Noah and the rainbow promise from God to Noah and humanity.   My oldest son age six at the time,  forgetting exactly what it was but remembering there was something about God and the rainbow saw a rainbow appearing in the sky.  He excitedly pointed at the intense arc in the sky and said “Look mommy, God is smilingat us”


My youngest son had been to his first day at Kindergarten and coming home we asked him how he liked his teachers.  He paused and thought for a minute.  Then said, well they are pretty nice, One has a skinny butt and the other has a fat butt.  

When my daughter was five years old she was fascinated with our then pastor’s Sermon on Sabbath had a more or less “Hell Fire and Brimstone” sermon which apparently impressed my daughter.   The next day while outside playing in the yard, we heard the deafening sound of a Jet flying overhead with it’s “Sonic Boom” sound which rattled the windows of our house.     

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