Is There Such Thing as a Good Birth?

February 28, 2009 by fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa  
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When prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally, we can all achieve whatever we set our heart out to do.

Is there such a thing as a good birth, definitely there is!  What makes a good birth is all in your mind?  For most woman they would say a birth without pain, drugs or stitches, this would be their ideal birth, for most,but it would be impossible, if unprepared.  If you are driven to achieve a birth without pain, stitches and drug, then it is up to you and your mind, to achieve this.

A good birth in my mind is a birth where the mom delivers how she planned, but there are always obstacles, and you need to be flexible. First off you need a wish list;  a Birth Plan that is, which is something that detail what you want and do not want while in labor and what you want and do not want done to your baby, upon delivery. My hope is and  I am confident together we can achieve your goal, if you truly put your mind to it.

If she chooses to go completely natural, and she achieves that, with my help; knowing that I was VERY instrumental in her birthing give me complete satisfaction. This will of course require a lot of time focusing on different methods, since we really won’t know what will work when the time comes, or how you will deal with each and every rush/contraction. We will work on different breathing methods, from deep breathing, to shallow breathing. I will teach you a technique that will be very helpful to you when the urge to push comes on strong, and the doctors says don’t push yet. We will work with meditation, focusing, and relaxation techniques. These techniques will have to be learned by not only the mom, but her partner, because you both will practice together during the pregnancy when I am not there. We will discuss the different medical interventions that the hospital may impose on you. I will want to visit with your doctor or midwife, to be sure we agree on how you want this to proceed, at this time the doctor or midwife, can inform us of hospital rules, whether you will be able to walk around, shower, do you have access to a tub, is there a birthing room. There are a lot of preparation for birthing naturally and unmedicated, and I cannot be at you home 24/7, but I will be there for telephone calls, and monthly visits. During these visits we would work and discuss different ideas that can be used in addition to the techniques mentioned above.

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