Is Less Than You Truly Have Really Much More?

September 3, 2013 by Emancipation  
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Money helps us all. That is a fact. But is going all out and busting a gut in having it all the right way? Or is having just enough to get by a burden or in actual fact a bonus?

Most of us dream about being rich. Many of us work hard to bring a better life for ourselves, our partners and our children.

But can your drive for success actually backfire? Does having less of something actually mean you have so much more in something else? 

Let’s take a look…

When you care more about pleasing yourself than pleasing your partner, your relationship is in serious trouble. Most relationships, be it a boyfriend and girlfriend situation or marriage, fail simply for one reason: 


How many women have heard a man say this? “Just give me a few more months. I will have this project at work all sorted and behind me. Then everything will get back to normal. I promise.”

I bet many women have, especially when partnered with a workaholic, businessman or career and goal minded individual.

Just how many women have heard this from their partner when they try to let their boyfriends or husbands know they themselves need more of his time and attention?

What usually happens as a result? The man argues he is doing his best to buy her gifts, provide a nice home, buy her clothes and provide food for her and the children. To him he is doing what a man should do. An age old view that men should provide. 

Then this project gets finished. He suddenly becomes engrossed in something else equally as demanding. He never has time for his woman. Still a man argues he is just being a good partner and a provider. After all, you want that flash car, that nice home and walk down the street dressed looking stunning. 

However, whilst there are women who would take such a man at the drop of a hat (think football wags as the majority of them really love the high life and not their partners), her needs are not met. Resentment rears its ugly head and a feeling of hopelessness sets in for the once loving wife or girlfriend. 

The woman goes in on herself and puts up a protective barrier. 

Again when this happens and the man realises his wife isn’t as respondent to his advances as she once was when they had nothing, he looks totally dumbfounded and clueless. 

He reminds her yet again. “I am working hard. I bring my money home and give it to you. I am not running around on you.”

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