Imaginary Friends

October 12, 2011 by Armiella  
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Is having an imaginary friend a sign of insanity, or genius?

Of course there is a very thin line between the two, but I often wonder if people are correctly percieving what it means to talk to an imaginary friend. Do you have to be totally insane to believe in one, or is it just a normal reaction to loneliness or boredom?

I’ve always had imaginary friends. I have entire families and WORLDS of imaginary friends. That’s why I’m a writer; they can’t seem to tell their own stories, but some of them are truly incredible. When I was younger, it was perfectly okay to have one. Most of the time parents will try to go along with it when a little kid has an imaginary friend; it’s cute, and someone’s always entertained. Of course, there is always that one mother who thinks her kid is a freak and gets them a therapist. Luckily, my mom is not that mother.

A lot of kids have imaginary friends when they’re little. You might could say that this is just because little kids will believe anything, (A fat old man that slides down your chimney in the middle of the night to bring you presents? Yeah, right). However, I think, after a while at least, a lot of these kids don’t really believe in them anymore. You know how you keep putting your tooth under the pillow after you know it’s just your mom coming to bring you a dollar? True, you’re getting paid in that deal, but you are still just pretending for the fun of it. Imaginary friends are company and entertainment. Why would anyone give that up just because they aren’t real?

Honestly, I like to think that someone CAN believe in an imaginary friend and be perfectly sane. Deep down, they might know, but they pretend they don’t to the point that they are convinced it isn’t true. I suppose it could be dangerous if that imaginary friend starts telling them things, but if it’s perfectly harmless, who’s to say they didn’t just choose to believe it on purpose?

Just my thought of the day.

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2 Responses to “Imaginary Friends”
  1. AmosTheCat Says:

    Armiella, you are really a very good writer. You say you are going to be a writer by profession. You already have the language skills to be a writer of non-fiction. Every kind of writing takes a special set of skills. There is lots of overlap. You need to think about what kind of a writer you want to be. Fiction or non-fiction. Journalism or magazine. poetry, short stories, novels, etc Then you need to read intensively in that genre. You are a bright person and can probably learn well from imitation. Practice imitating authors whose styles you just want to try on.
    I am sure you have heard much of this in writing classes you have already had. I hope you find it helpful.

  2. Armiella Says:

    Oh, I’m definitely a fiction person. I’m only rambling nonfiction things on this site because they make more money. I do tend to read the kind of books I want to write already, and I always have. Lol. I’ve actually looked into some writing techniques of my favorite authors. I haven’t really taken many writing classes yet though- I will in college. :) Thanks!

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