If I Were

December 8, 2011 by sjindal1121  
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There are lot many things that we wish to be but we can’t be…

84 lakh births and then we become humans. We get a chance to be born as humans but still we imagine if we could be or if I were. For me I wish if I could be anything that could help man recall the basic seeds of humanity and meaning of humanity as today they are lost and thrown away as unwanted seeds.

If I were, a question with vivid answers, answers so many, running through each vein of mine.

First of all, If I were to be, I wish I could be a Lilly flower. Reasons are so many but the one I would love to share is that a Lilly flower lives for a while, blossoms for short and dies soon after. Lives for a day or so but making others smile. Lily flower makes other realize the importance of living not in the number of years but in number of deeds for others.

Humans have long forgotten the art of living for others. So, If I were a sun, I could teach man again and make him recall the art of satisfaction achieved while working for others and others happiness. Sun burns himself again and yet again to shower the blessings of life on earth. Sun teaches us one more thing, pains are many, gains are few. If one has to work for others he must not worry about his own burns and cure every wounded person pleading for the heart felt relief.

If I could have a wish, I would be the moon in the dark skies, give the ray of hope to all those who have forgotten their smiles. A shining moon on the black sky proves the fact that we should not lose hope even on the darkest days of our life. Each night brings a day and for that day we should always have hope.

If I were hands of mankind, I would never do anything for my selfish motive. Rather work for people in pain, help each soul rest in peace and make way for humanity to flourish.

If I were the drops of rain, I would never let the hard work of farmers go in vain. I would be a ray of hope for a girl whose lover comes when it rains.

Toady I am a complete being, physically complete, mentally all right and spiritually learning to be good, but for it I am indebted to my Mother. If were an angel I would take away with me all the woes of all mothers of this world, for they are the ones who deserve all happiness in the world.

Lastly, I were to be soil, I would be the soil beneath my mothers feet because she is the power who created me and made me capable enough to stand on my feet. 

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  1. juny423 Says:

    What a good thought and expression of feelings ,full of emotions :)


    Very nice piece of prose. I like the positivity

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