I Loved My 2 Cesareans

May 25, 2009 by swatilohani  
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With the fierce debate of the medical community favoring normal delivery over cesareans, just no one is interested in gauging the feelings of the patient.

When I became pregnant for the first time, it was elation in family and a great subliminal fear in me. My senior friends and mother had narrated horrific stories to recount. Those ranged from thrusting by the gynaecologist and unbearable labor pain that led to stitches and pain in further intercourse.

In developing countries, still no emphasis is there on psychologically counselling the patients, who hence develop a morbid fear of pap smear, internal ultrasound, being treated like a vegetable mechanically by nurses to check the dilation etc.

Fortunately, my first born daughter had a soul connection with me. So, divinely she placed herself in a breech position and refused to turn as per all the possible machinations by the gynaecologist. There was no option but to conduct a c-section that got my family in tears. And I was  thanking the Lord that at least he understood that I did not selfishly want the normal pains. I was scared that having a low weight of forty kilos myself, I may not be able to survive to hold up my kid.

I admit that I was bleeding for three months after cesarean, the stitches swelled up and I had to get the pus removed. As there was no help, I had to every house chore as my husband was out of the country on a project. Still, I was ready for my second cesarean and ecstatic to read stories that once a cesarean always a cesarean. In my second pregnancy, my prayers were listened again by the Almighty. As my husband wondered as to why we landed up with another breech baby, I secretly smiled. My second cesarean was fantastic, my stitches healed well and very soon, we had an active life as I joined office again.

However, it is well advised that medically, it is easier to recuperate after a normal delivery. However, if the mother-to-be is treated like a cabbage with no emotional support, experiences may differ.

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18 Responses to “I Loved My 2 Cesareans”
  1. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    I’m glad that you share this story with us. It must have hard for you to go through the process. I SALUTE 2 U!!!

  2. George W Whitehead Says:

    An interesting recount of a cesarian, swatilohani. This is a subject that i know very little about.

  3. Dr Shalini Kapoor Kad Says:

    Quiet true, Our country still lacks in terms of the psychological treatment, God bless ur family n a big bravo to you.

  4. OhSugar Says:

    Excellent piece. I enjoyed reading about your personal experience dealing with two ceasarens. I happy two know that your babies were fine. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Joe Dorish Says:

    Thanks for sharing, interesting to read about cesareans from someone who actually went through them.

  6. K Kristie Says:

    Great share. You’re a very brave mom!

  7. Darla Cooke Says:

    Great story!

  8. Sheila M Says:

    I have to admit the labor pains are horrid. My first was a natural birth. The only relief was actually pushing the baby out. I didn’t need stitches with either one of the first two. It all depends on how fast you push the baby out. The second I had an epidural, you can’t feel any of the labor pains. Wow was that fantastic! My third child I was forced to have a csection with. It was a scary feeling but all turned out well and the stitches healed wonderfully. Personally, I think the choice should be left up to the woman, but there’s something to be said for natural childbirth. It’s a real sense of pride and accomplishment. Nine months of hard work coming to an end! thanks for sharing your story

  9. Jenny Heart Says:

    This article will help many women’s emotional state of mind during these types of events. Thanks! Very well written as usual.

  10. PR Mace Says:

    Excellent piece. I never when through it myself so I know little about it. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Lostash Says:

    There are times when I am just so glad to be a man!! We have no real idea what pregnancy is like, let alone any complications and how you feel after child-birth.

  12. Ramalingam Says:

    Sometimes cesarean is forced and artificially induced with a commercial motive.But in your case, you were being underweight there was no other go but to resort to cesarean.Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

  13. fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa Says:

    I am not going to sound like a movie, blog, or commerical, but what the body goes thru when having a C-Sect, and the possiblities of other health issues arising later in life after you think all is well is something that the experts have not yet bothered to investigate.
    I am happy you were happy, for I believe each woman is entitled to whatever birth plan she askes for. In this case God heard her prayers, which I believe was sincerly for a reason
    Congrats and good luck
    Well written personal experience.

  14. skylite Says:

    Well written!

  15. hiho Says:

    My oldest sister had three c-sections and is unable to deliver any more babies this way. I’m not sure why she had to have the c-sections but I think it was because of her high blood pressure?? She told me she’s relieved that she can’t have anymore but I believe if she could she would..she’s a terrific mum to her three boys. Good article Swatilohani.

  16. nenen Says:

    i had 3 pregnancies but never experienced having caesarian births. true to the fact that the healing process is much easier than normal deliveries but just like you said, However, it is well advised that medically, it is easier to recuperate after a normal delivery. However, if the mother-to-be is treated like a cabbage with no emotional support, experiences may differ. You’re right swati, whether its a caesarian or normal births what matters most is the emotional support.

  17. Hazel Crowther Says:

    Very nice piece. I had a caesarian and a normal birth best of both worlds, Loved both. What you get at the end is well worth it!

  18. Uma Shankari Says:

    When you are afraid, you automatically tense all the muscles of the body. If I knew you earlier, I might have advised you to be calm and take deep breaths. It’s not so bad after all. I have 4 daughters, all born through normal delivery, and I enjoyed (yes, even the pain!) the process.

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