I Just Want Your Love Mom!

August 6, 2012 by Hema Ghosh  
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I want this article of mine to educate millions of mothers, who in the guise of discipline, rebuke, criticize, get apprehensive and go to the extent of thrashing their child and end up in spoiling them.

Why me???? This is an apparent question that every child poses when he or she gets opposed by their parents. Their tender minds are grossly unable to justify right or wrong they just know that they are being pushed to the corner and as the result of which they develop anomalous behavior and sometimes throw tantrums. Mothers being prime care takers of their children are accused for this and hence there are several perturbed mothers who just wonder how to get away with this issue. The answer is as simple as it gets: BE PATIENT & JUST LOVE THEM.

I am advocating this need of loving your child because I myself have adopted this philosophy and have seen wonderful results of it. As per the research conducted my medical experts, when the child is being opposed repeatedly, a secretion of hormone from pituitary gland is initiated as the result of which they start behaving outrageously. For instance, if you are out in a park with your kid who is having total fun with his or her peers and as soon as you find that it is time to get back to home as you need to do cooking part and other chores but your kid is reluctant to quit. What do you do? 

Not surprisingly, many mothers would just pull their children forcefully from there leaving them howling for hours and hours. But, wait and spare a thought as is this justified? They would curse you for this and would try to offend and oppose you. Instead, of pulling them or grumbling at them tell them why it is inevitable to leave and also promise them to give that share of pleasure back home and see the difference! Indulge in their activities, be a part of what they do: their games, their stories, their poems and most importantly flaunt your love to them so that they grow-up into secure and self-confident adults. 

You may be frustrated for the end of number of reasons but do not take out your frustrations on your child or else you will cause irrevocable damage. Apparently, they are prone to do innumerable mistakes and some of them are really mischief mongers but leaving your patience with them can prove to be disastrous. Remember the golden rule: The more you children are nurtured with love and care, the more loving and disciplined and obedient they would become.

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