I Don’t Believe The World We Live in

June 11, 2013 by Ria Chhabra  
Published in Motherhood

A brief description of a small incident that happened today with my mom while we were out for a walk.

So I belong to an upper middle classs family in India.My mom and dad, hey are not exactly the “do whatever you want and live however the hell you want” type. But they are not conservative per se. I mean I am given freedom but that freedom has restrictions..it’s weird..right?? Anyways, I went out for a walk with my mum today and it’s boiling here. The temperature is not much but the humidity..dear lord we sweat like pigs. So I just started a casual conversation as to how I am not allowed to wear knee length shorts and I have to wear full length trousers even at home when it’s damn scorching outside. I mentioned about my friend who wears shorts at home but her mom or dad don’t say anything. And my mom doesn’t say anything to my brother who never EVER wears trousers in summers. Just as I said it..the woman just flipped. She turned the whole thing from a wardrobe talk to something related to my moral issues and my hypocrisy and double standards. She says that I can’t wear shorts because my dad and brother are at home and it’s not nice. I shouldn’t and I QUOTE “EXPOSE MY BODY” . Really mom, really…???

I just don’t understand this nonsense. If girls can rule nations and be the presidents and prime ministers of countries, why can’t they wear shorts..??? We live in a free world don’t we?? Who can stop us from doing anything we wanna do and being whoever we wanna be? She’s my mother. And she is extremely stubborn. I couldn’t explain myself enough because she was just gonna shove stupid lessons that made no sense down my throat. But I am just done. I can’t take it anymore. I am getting out of this home, this country as soon as I finish my studies.

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