I Am a Stay at Home Mom

May 20, 2012 by outlawsphinx  
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Being a Stay at Home Mom is a full time job and it is a job that you learn as you go. Stay at Home Moms are unique but we all want to be home with our kids to take care of our families the best way we can. Here are things I learned in the time I have been home.

I had never planned on getting married, much less having children. But, I met my husband 6 years ago right after a truly horrible relationship and we were married soon after. A little over a year later, we had a beautiful blessing in disguise in the form of my first born son. I was working 50-60 hours a week as a general contractor, going to school full-time online, as well as keeping our home a home. I knew I did not want my children in daycare but I had never not worked. The idea of not making my own money terrified me and made me feel guilty. It felt like I would be living on my husband’s charity. So, I decided that I would leave my son with my mother while I worked. She was happy to have a little one and I was able to work. However, very quickly that got old for two reasons. 1.) My mother began acting as if I had no idea what I was doing with my son or that I would not learn if I did not know something. She was my mother and I didn’t die so she knew best. She criticized everything I did including the diapers I chose, the clothes he wore, the formula that I eventually had to give in and give him, and the way my husband was protective of his son. 2.) I was just plain worn out. I never saw my son and my boss was having difficulties making payroll so I often went without checks. On top of those problems I was keeping up my house to a level of obsessive compulsiveness and still going to school. I was dead on my feet. I decided to stay home from then on out. Here are the things I learned.

  • Your job is never ending. You start early..and never clock out. When you had your “real” job, if your house was messy you could say “Oh, please excuse the mess..I’ve been working crazy hours.” when that Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon missionary, or other religious missionary guilts you into letting them into your house. Now that you are a SAHM, your house is your job and let me tell you..for some reason it is even harder to keep clean when you are entirely devoted to it than if you only do what you can around work and/or school.

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  1. avissado Says:

    Fully empathize with you.

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