Husband and Wife… and The Day they Live..

April 5, 2011 by Annettenasser  
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Some question.. some complain,, some heart ache… some love quarrels.. some good reason to be loved and love…

I hate my self when I cant move the way I want to,

I hate myself when I become the person people want me to,

I have myself when I change from my sweet innocent self to a practical career woman I always wanted to be… remember when I was in high school, I always dreamed of being a successful career woman,,, I planned to be a good dentist like my Aunt,, how ever people says you will never be good as other good at,, each of people has its own good,, its own design,, its own destiny,, even two people walk to the same path of life people will never end up the same, because every one are unique..

I’m married working woman,, I’m married career woman,, never yet a mother..

Always in a hurry to home from work to meet my husband before he left for work,

Always struggles to wake up and prepare myself to before work, always gone for work with out even a cup of coffee before hitting the road,

Always struggle myself to arrive early to office to face tons of calls & a lot of invoices, discussions, endorsements from my manager,  Manager who always run before hitting fifteen minutes from the office since he arrive, take note he spend the whole morning at the office,, does he know about what is wrote? ha ha ha pretending that he has a meeting and appointments, and yet it turn out that he is home taking care of their children, instead of his wife,, and yes,, No way, how could it be,, I hate myself for not speaking about it,, I let him do that because of me not speaking about … other way I prepare him out off the office so I can go on with my work,, he is really bossy manager,,

I hate myself when I make my man angry,

I hate my self when I make man worried,

I hate myself when I make sandwich alone and not a healthy dinner plate,

I hate myself when I innocently did something he never liked..

it make me feel sick If he is angry for something that I myself innocently did,

I love to see his eyes looking at me worried about why I’m so quite and not saying anything,,

How ever I feel more worried if things change the way it should be,, if my love begin to loose the tie and allow me to move the way I care …. What on earth  is that….

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  1. vivz Says:

    just relax cannot do everything you want…….i know how the writer feels this.

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