Hurricane Irene Why You Shouldn’t Worry!!

August 27, 2011 by ShadyVII  
Published in Motherhood

Its a category 1!!

The storm so hyped by todays media has decreased to a category one and people are still being evacuated all across the east. The government now is realizing a mistake as a category one storm is just a bad thunderstorm. Being from Boston Ive seen some Category one storms and Im refusing to leave my home today because I know ill be perfectly fine. I suggest everybody to stay home and lose the risk of robbery and theft. Theft is often high during immediate evacuation time as the houses are unguardedd. A close neighbor of mine was recently robbed when having been evacuated. The cost of having everybodt evacuated will cost more than the damage from the storm and Ill be suprised If one person is hurt or killed. So I suggest people stay home. Hope I helped!! :)

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