How to Make Good Residual Income Using The Internet

August 14, 2013 by The Immigrant  
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An honest to goodness article about making extra cash using the internet. It is all about using what resources that is available to us, and of course our skills.

With the technology we have  now, nothing is impossible when I comes to making side cash. All needs time and dedication. If you don’t start now, then when will it happen? The tried an true ways to make good residual money whether you are a full time worker but not making enough to cover the bills, single mom, stay at home mom, a student, a part time worker, or a person bored with life, don’t just absorb what others speculate. There are real ways to make money using  the internet.1. Find yourself a good home business and learn how to market your services or products over the internet. Find a product you believe in, & if its MLM, so much advantageous in this age of the internet! You may choose to learn Internet Marketing, or cut your time down by just hiring a Social Media Strategist or Consultant that specializes in helping small businesses, freelancers, home based businesses. There’s a lot that goes with that title than just facebooking. Believe me it is worth to cut this step short. You will believe me when you have spoken to one.2. Make use of your digital / phone camera. Take photos of just about anything and put them up online. It is called stock photography. It is used by many people who needs an illustration or an example for their website, artwork, articles, etc. 3. Write instructional materials. Start simple and do not be afraid. No one gets it perfect the first time. The more you do it, the better you get. The better you get, the more time your materials has been exposed, the more money you make.4. Take advantage of social networking. I think everybody knows that it is the best way to get your brand name heard of.5. Surveys and referrals. Take surveys for cash or surveys for points and redeem it.6. Use Craigslist. To make extra doing odd jobs, one day gig, sell stuffs around your house that you wont miss. Craigslist is good in dealing local. Practice safety. Only accept cash.7. Be ready to accept payments. Open an account with Paypal! it is free, it is the best and safest way to get paid over the internet, or get card reader that easily attaches to any smart phones and swipe away!8. Find good drop shipping companies. You may sell their inventory, without having to mail them or have a full crazy garage. EBAYing them is also a good way to sell them if you wish to deal with out of state buyers.9. Mystery Shopping. walk in a business establishment (car dealership, banks etc.), make inquiries, you will be reimbursed and paid for your time. It is good and fun as well. Gigs can be big like hotel stays to as small as just buying a cheeseburger.10. Be a virtual assistant. 11. Make videos and monetize it.12. Answer questions.

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