How to Deal with an ‘Evil’ Mohter-in-law

June 28, 2013 by Christella J  
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Are you tired of hearing your mother-in-law tattle about your husband’s past relationship? Have you tried hard enough to get along but you can’t and did you somtimes wish she was not your husband’s mother? A little compromsising could calm the problem and save the relationship.

There are a few lucky women who are in good terms with their mothers-in-law while most of the women are at their worse situation and scenario having been married to the man who cant get away from his mother’s baby nurture.  In effect a ‘mama’s boy’, or worst making all the decisions for him, and constantly talking about husband’s ex even when the wife is around. Yes, that is way too annoying.

I too have been  in the same situation but  i should say that mine can be a little bit handled since I can verbalize my feelings freely and fairly to my husband.  Here’s  a little advice on how you can get through the problem, somehow help you build a better relationship with your mother-in-law.

1.       1.Find out why she dislikes you.  We often ask why things happen and why people treat us the way they want.  Finding the reason for this animosity will help you see through the root of the problem.  What you can do is ask, ask your husband why his mom treats you awfully. Try to ask in the nicest way you can. And do it in private.

2.       2.Do a little investigation.  It is really irritating  when your mother-n-law keeps on mentioning your husband’s ex-girlfriend even when you’re around , admit it –it hurts and you’re intrigued. Look for her just try to see what she looks like and what she’s up to. Or find her on social networks in the Internet, but don’t make friends with her yet. This way you’ll find out why ‘the ex’ is being much liked by your ‘evil mother-in-law’.  If you think she’s prettier, so what??   Believe in your beauty.  But what can be a surprise is if your mother-n-law still has connections with your husband’s ex, that can ruin your marriage. Why? Because she’s ‘evil’ she can set them up and get them back together  again – a big nightmare. BUT don’t get insane over it.

3.       3.Don’t get insecure.  But rather be secured in your husband’s arms.  It is he who married you and  build a family with, who wanted to be with you for the rest of his life and accepts you for who you really are. Be confident.  Don’t show your ‘evil mother-in-law’ that you’re too affected by her ‘lunacy’ , it will just make her happier.

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