How to be Adorable Single Mother by Smartly Saving Money During Financial Crisis?

November 16, 2011 by joshuameyer  
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If you’re happened to be a single mom for any reasons, it’s time to remove all your fear to cope with financial issue.

Being a single mother is difficult. She needs to deal with all matters including how to survive with kids and pay for their livings. If you’re happened to be a single mom for any reasons, it’s time to remove all your fear to cope with financial issue. As long as you believe in God, he leads you to right path and will be granted with all his love. You can survive no matter of how hard the life to be as long as never following suicidal thought which intensely comes to someone who loses their confidence to cope with their life’s issue. Hereby, some tips to save money as single mom is revealed.

The key to survive against storm of financial trouble is saving money at smart way and don’t be too much involved with emotional crisis. Naturally women are given with excessive feeling that leads her involved into emotional stage at much, but keep it away to let you calm down. Here are tips that you ought to know for coping with the financial issues.

Laundry Saving

When it comes to wash your stained dress, do your own laundry instead. just put all clothes into washing machine and iron them at all afterward. This activity allows you save up considerable amount of money which can be projected to other financial necessity. Don’t pamper your kids too far. They need to be taught how to overcome harsh life in the next days when they will have grown mature. Give them chance to use washing and drying machine. Don’t forget to tell them to wash the silk clothes by hands to prevent damage.

Cook your own meal

Buying meals outside requires considerable amount of money and it’s not wise for a single mom who tries to get through crisis. If you want a pizza, just make it by hand. It gives an extra saving. Also, cooking meals give larger portion that allows kids to add some more portions.

Lesser Frequency of Shopping

In attempt on saving money, single mother should restrain their eagerness on shopping. If they are used to go shopping often, try to get lesser frequency of shopping to control expense out while shopping. Create a list of foods that you need for several days. Shopping coupons give cut price and can be used to afford things that you need without spending too much money.

Prepare Your Kids’ Meal

To cut out expense required for meals at school, before getting into school, prepare foods and it should be at any variant to each day for preventing boredom.

Drink proper amount of water

Instead of being flirted with new drink taste in market, bring your own drink. It delivers healthier liquid that dehydrates your body and detoxifies any toxics inside the body. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses a day. It reduces your will to eat more which also spends money more.

These smart ways are proven to be effective for helping every single mom to cope with their financial issues. Female is no longer a fragile creature. In crisis, they can turn into tougher one.

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